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IoT beyond limits

Who we are

Aratos Global is a UK limited company focusing on IoT and military standards satellite solutions focusing in UK, Canada and globally.

With the support of Interzone BV and Aratos Group we are building a unique product portfolio having partners from space industry globally.

Aratos Global is part of ESA UK Hub, has the main office in the City of London and will soon expand with a new office also in Oxford, in the ESA Hub.

IoT beyond limits

Aratos Global can operate on multiple nanosatellite LEO and GEO network bringing together sustainability and state-of-the-art technology. The satellite IoT network is designed to enable low latency global transmission of messages with additional unicast and multicast downlink capability. The satellites are equipped with propulsion, giving a greater control of the entire network and the ability to avoid unlikely collisions with space debris, whilst assisting with the deorbiting of end-of-life satellites.

Customize in Almost No Time

Aratos Global can support a big number of sensors and standards and provide data on different cloud or restricted environments. Speak with an expert of our team and we will design and customize your service based on your technical and budget limitations.

Our Products and Services

IoT over LEO - EMEA

Providing services using LEO constellation over EMEA region with reliable satellite network ensuring secure communications from as low as $10/month*

IoT over LEO - global coverage

Providing services using a second-generation LEO constellation with global coverage using a reliable satellite network and ground stations globally ensuring secure communications from as low as $15/month*

IoT over GEO

Providing services using the capabilities of a global GEO network supporting emergency services in land, sea and aero. The service offers access to a multiple options for ground stations globally ensuring the highest level of secure communications from as low as $25/month*

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